Why Does LGIT Put So Much Emphasis on Loss Control?

Remember, the funds LGIT uses to pay claims belong to the member towns, cities and counties of Maryland. Every loss that is avoided saves money. LGIT’s loss control seminars, Risk Management Bulletin and other publications, and visits by Trust loss control representatives, all have the purpose of helping local governments minimize risks and avoid losses.

Who Runs LGIT?

LGIT is governed by the Board of Trustees that is composed of a combination of elected and appointed county and municipal officials who have experience in local government operations and are members of the Trust. The composition of the Board of Trustees ensures that the policies, operating procedures and quality services of the Trust are designed with LGIT members’ needs in mind.

Superior Coverage

LGIT’s coverage is specifically designed for Maryland local government risks.

Low Cost

LGIT’s rates are designed to raise what’s needed to pay projected claims and expenses. Unneeded funds go back to the members through future lower fees or enhanced services.

Responsive Service

LGIT listens and responds to member’s requests and needs (i.e., training seminars, employment law hotline, K-9 coverage and fidelity bonds).


LGIT’s financial strength stabilizes premiums and protects against catastrophic losses. Rate increases have been marginal. Reserves continue to grow.


LGIT understands Maryland local governments and provides them with superior in-house claims management, defense, loss control assistance and coverage.

With Whom Should I Speak If I Have a Complaint?

If you have a problem with service from LGIT - whether from a LGIT staff person or service provider - we want to hear about it! Call Executive Director Timothy Ailsworth at 443.561.1700 or 800.673.8231 and tell him about it.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll never make a mistake or that we’ll always be able to deliver everything you need exactly when you need it, but we can guarantee that if you tell us about a problem, we will listen and we will fix it just as quickly as we can.

We can’t emphasize strongly enough that we want to hear about problems that you run into. The worst problem is the one we couldn‘t fix because we didn’t hear about it.