Training Grant Program

Grant Criteria

The LGIT Training Grant Program assists Trust Members who wish to increase and improve their employees’ knowledge through training and thereby reduce liability claims and property damage. Training grants are awarded to attend seminars, workshops, conferences, technical classes or other related training programs.

LGIT will allow one training grant award per local government for the first cycle of the fiscal year. Additional grant applications by a member that has already received an award may be considered on a case-by-case basis for the remaining two award cycles of the fiscal year.

The following grant limitations now apply to training grant requests:

$25,000 is reserved for member requested/applied for training.
$25,000 is reserved for law enforcement specific training.
$50,000 is reserved for loss driven areas for loss control/training efforts.

All member requested training grants are now a 50/50 matching grant. For example, a requested training costs $4,000 the grant requested amount would be $2,000.

LGIT only award grants that are intended to reduce the risk of losses related to coverages insured by LGIT. For example, a member that only has auto liability coverage with LGIT can only apply for training grants that are intended to reduce the risk of auto liability losses. Lines of insurance coverage provided by LGIT include general liability, auto liability, auto physical damage, public official liability, law enforcement liability and property damage.

The grant applicant must complete the Training Grant application as completely as possible. It is suggested that an additional summary describing how the training will improve job performance and contribute to the reduction of claims. Applicant must provide a detailed description of the training/event including cost, duration, qualifications of instructors/speakers, etc. Applicants are urged to provide as much information as possible. Expenses can include transportation, hotel accommodations, meals and registration. Expenses must be itemized.

Applicants are encouraged to share what they have learned within their local government or other LGIT members. Applications that allow other LGIT members to attend the training will be given preference. Applicants should identify the LGIT members that will be invited and how many places will be available for these employees. The grant application should also describe any additional costs that may be incurred by allowing other members to attend.

Equipment and materials are not eligible for grant funding unless directly related to the training.

Grant Follow Up -  Grant Evaluation Form

The Risk Management Committee will follow up with grant recipients within one year to assess the use and effectiveness of the grant award. This assessment will be made through use of a Grant Evaluation Form. Recipients must complete and return the questionnaire within 120 days of training completion. Failure to return the completed questionnaire in a timely fashion may result in a forfeiture of grant funds and potential ineligibility for future grant awards for up to two years.

Apply for the Grant 

To apply for the grant, complete the Online Training Grant Program Application.